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Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installations

Garage door installations in Edmonton, Alberta

Garage Door Installation

By Garage Door Service 24/7

There are various reasons why it may be time to replace your existing garage doors in Edmonton, Alberta. For example, many homes here in  have original wood doors. Over time those garage doors rot and become heavy. They are also high maintenance, as they need to be painted often. 

Weather in Edmonton plays a big factor when it comes to the shape and condition of your Garage Door.

Garage doors may also need to be replaced due to damage to the door from a vehicle hitting it, more than one of the sections.

So as you can see, garage doors that have not been properly maintained or cared for get worse over time. It is always good practice  to keep your garage door up to date in its servicing. This helps to prolong the life of your garage door.

Classic wood garage doors are often replaced by raised panel garage doors. The raised panel garage doors can come in short panel or long panel. Pictured above are the short panel doors, which createa a more modern look for the home. 

All of our garage doors come with our guarantee of satisfaction. With our warranty you will not have a worry regarding your new garage door. We take care of our customers and are well respected in the industry!

Give us a call at 587-920-5694,  we will be happy to give you a quote.  Fill out our form on our home page and we will have a quote for you ASAP. Located in Edmonton, we serve the area and surrounding!

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